No.139 Embroidered Antique Pictorial Rumal


Mountain lions chase after fauna and birds, as two Europeans on horseback appear to go hunting lead by a small retinue of armed people while dear, bear, dogs and dragons romped in the foreground. Musician angels entertain a dignitary waited upon by a Hindu woman while celestial angels hover in the air. Strange mythological figures half man half animal appear towards the center, bow and arrow drawn and aimed at their headed tails while boat drift by loaded with passengers holding flags. Bright and colorfully patterned costumes adorn all the perhaps hundreds of figures decorating the surface. Some appear sitting in chairs with women paying their respects or sitting in reverence while others appear enclosed in domed architectural structures. The central medallion comprises a regiment of soldiers with batons or rifles over their shoulders. The general overall feeling of the total picture is one of an exciting and peaceful community of people all actively engage in some activity whether it be hunting, noble affairs of state or boat navigation. The colors are fantastically vibrant and the embroidery and ground material are as fresh as the day the work was completed over a 150 years ago.