Kashmir Shawls




222-Kani Stole detail (above)


221-Kani stole detail (above)


215-Khatraaz center detail (above)




219-Kashmir Dorukha detail (above)


190-Very Fine Kashmir dochalla, saffron ground, detail (above)


215-Fine Kashmir long shawl detail, (above)




189-Fine Kashmir shawl detail (above)



188- Late Sikh Period, c 1850. see detail



210- High Sikh Period Kashmir shawl, c1825-1840. detail



164- High Sikh Period Kashmir shawl, c 1825-1840. Detail



205- High Sikh Period, 1825-1840



Sikh Period long shawl

212- Sikh Period long shawl c 1845













no.162-Rare 18th c. kani pallus fragment. More









no.101 Fine rare zoomorphic pattern. Sikh period, 1840s Kashmir. Details




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no.114d Small but sweet 18th century fragment, 14 x 18 in, with beautiful hashias




no.100 Kashmir shawl palla fragment, 17th-18th c. Extremely rare, one of the first manifestations of the curvilinear boteh. Details & Description